Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 4

I didn't want to wear this outfit this morning, but I had already penciled it onto my calendar so I made myself wear it. I'm not kidding you about the calendar. I'm a little obsessive when it comes to organization.
Then I looked in the mirror and all of a sudden I was in love. I'm convinced these boots were the best investment I ever made. Paired with a belt in the same color of leather, they can make any outfit look good.
This dress/tunic is my favorite article of clothing I own, its Libertine, and its all about the little details. The buttons have "diamonds" in the center, the sleeves are puffed, the chest has slight gatherings and ruffles, and its the perfect length. I've owned this for a few years now, and its one of the pieces I hope to keep forever and pass down to a future daughter, I think the style is pretty timeless.


ClosetConfections said...

I have all of my outfits typed up in a spreadsheet, and I'm also wearing an outfit that I wasn't really feeling at first. However, I laid out a schedule, and I'm sticking to it lol!


Jodi said...

I agree, these boots are awesome!!! good choice! I am also doing the 30 for 30 challenge.. hope you are enjoying it!! j

Linda W said...

This is a great outfit. Are you still sticking to your calendar?
The Auspicious Life

Anonymous said...

Hi, fellow remixer here. I have boot jealousy, but I appreciate your sense of organization.

Best of luck with the remaining challenge.

Natasha said...

Those boots are great! A great pair of boots can often make an outfit!

Sarah said...

Ooh I love this necklace! I'm always trying to pull of tunics but haven't done it successfully yet, you've inspired me to try and belt one!
Wearing It On My Sleeves

Molly said...

Like Kendra, I have my 30 for 30 outfits typed into an Excel sheet. It's crazy... but helpful on days that I want to sleep in!

That tunic is fabulous, I can see why it's a favorite. And your boots... wow.

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!