Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 2

Do you see that on our mountains? SNOW. Yep, Utah has decided its had enough of this fabulous Fall weather. I knew it was too good to be true. In Northern Utah, our Fall season lasts about 2 weeks, this year it lasted 5 weeks, I guess I should be happy with what we got! However, this means I am going to definitely modify my items, I'll reconvene this weekend with my swaps.
Today's outfit: Lane Bryant tunic, Target cardigan, Alfani Skinny slacks, Seychelles flats, Kenneth Cole necklace.
Here is a closeup of the necklace, its one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

And a close up of the ruffles on the shirt. Its actually pinstriped. I know, the first pic is so bad you can't really tell!

And one more just to make fun of myself! Don't ask what is going on with my hands, my husband and I were just talking about how much I HATE pictures. I'm telling you, this is a very hard experience for me!

So one thing I learned today, I REALLY like this outfit. I've never worn this combination before and I probably would have never made the connection. Kendi was talking about breaking rules in fashion and that is what I felt I was doing. Blue and white pinstripes? I would have never paired it with black before. Maybe white pants, or jeans, or even colored pants (mustard yellow, red) but never black, but again, I learned I really like how this looks!

Hey, Day 2 and this has already paid off! What have you guys discovered so far? Any unexpected likes/dislikes? Too soon to tell?

Happy Remixing!

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