Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ghost Pop Tutorial

We are having a Halloween party this weekend and I decided I wanted to make some cute treats while we watch scary movies!

Follow the directions below to make your own Ghost Pop!

1. Supplies:
Ribbon (I used black and pink)
Linen (any white fabric will do, or even tissue or napkins)
Black and Pink Craft Marker

2. Cut your fabric into 7X7 inch squares, they can be smaller or bigger depending on how much of a "train" you want your ghost to have. Also don't worry about precise lines of fraying, it just adds to the spook effect!

3. Take two kiddie corners and gather at center

4. Gather the other two corners

5. Tie off with your ribbon for a bow tie effect

6. Add two eyes and a mouth with black marker and rosy cheeks with your pink marker

Ta da! Cute Ghost!

I also have a freebie for you! Feel free to use this cute ghostiefor any Halloween projects!

Happy Halloween!

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