Friday, June 13, 2008

My Studio...

I finally had the guts to take pictures of my craft space and allow the world to see. I don't know if I'm really proud or severely ashamed! Proud at how I turned a 7 foot by 7 foot "room" into an actual studio, or terribly embarrassed to even call it a studio since it's nothing more than a no name room as we like to affectionately call it! Here goes!!!

A little background first. This house was built over 100 years ago and when it was constructed it had no bathroom and ended at the kitchen. When it was remodelled, there was no place to add a bathroom but "outside" the house, so its got this weird little addition to the back just off the kitchen. If you look closely in some of the pictures, you can see the siding and shingles from the orginal back of the house! Anyway, it resulted in this weird little no use "room" that I decided to turn into MY space. Here you go!

Here's my messy, messy, desk. See the funny thing is its not messy at all but I have SO MUCH junk it looks that way, doesn't it? That border you see along the top of the desk is a little wall built that covers the staircase that leads to the basement. Yes, the basement we NEVER go down to - well, I don't go down to. I am so terrified of it I bought that white curtain and hung it from the ceiling so I don't have to look at the staircase and think about monsters attacking me while I have nothing to defend myself with except a glue gun!

Here is a closeup where you can spot three wonderful Etsy seller's things: StitchandTells wonderful art (the blue waterfall piece in the back); ThreeMusesCrafts ACEO cards and LAOriginals beautiful plum brooch! You can also see my beloved Blythe Doll and a new ACEO I just finished - first one EVER - and a new brooch design I am working on.

Next is my storage space, it makes me feel better to call it an actual "space" as opposed to a corner! Lots of things going on here: art - finished - and in progress. Photo collages also in progress... I'm starting to see a pattern here, can you tell I have ADHD? Oh and not to mention a completely out of control Hello Kitty addiction! Oh yeah like the toaster oven? We got it for Christmas and somehow it ended up in here.

And one last one just for pretty: this doesn't have much use other than for a little aesthetic appeal and to house a few of my scarves and magazines.


stitchandtell said...

mava - I wanna see updated pics when you get done with what we talked about in chat. And messy indeed - where??? cute - totally looks like you.

Jenny said...

You are so organized! I understand about weird rooms, we are in a 90 year old house, and my studio is a small room that used to be a closet then got turned into a tiny room sometime in the 80's. You have to walk through the bathroom to get to it!