Friday, March 7, 2008

Brooches - Badges - Pins

Finally after what seems like weeks and weeks, I finally finished photographing, cropping, editing, and listing my new pins!!! I made these in a spurt of desperation. I had so many pent up ideas in my head and I needed to let them out. I am not really sure why but I am incredibly satisfied with the way these turned out. I truly think its the colors. I am so sick of winter, everything is so ugly, and dirty and these just came out so cheerful!

This is my Navy brooch, because it seems nautical to me for some reason. Plus I have a new obsession with mustard yellow and I think that navy blue and green are phenomenal. I am a nerd. Who uses words like "phenomenal"? Oy...

This one is The Ribbon pin, has a ribbon tag on it. I know, I suck at life. But focus on the part that he is completely happy, not the part that I have not one ounce of literary creativity in me!!! Also, I don't know why I insist on calling them hims. Weird...

This is my Owlie brooch. I love him. Mostly because he is mustard yellow (again with the yellow!) and because there is an owl on him. Yes I am obsessed with owls, I know.

You can go see the rest HERE

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