Thursday, April 16, 2009

To do lists...

Usually I LOVE To Do Lists, but when your list is bordering on a book, it looses all its fun. I am taking tomorrow off from work to try and knock some items off my list.

My most important item:

Catching up on homework...lame
I have this gorgeous Marimekko Kulkue wall hanging, which I am going to use as the central piece in one of our living rooms, so the big task of the weekend will be to...
Paint one of my walls yellow!

My third most important item, is to have a date with my husband.
Really, its just an excuse to go see this amazing, all hand crafted movie! ; )
My list goes on and on, but includes classics like cleaning the house, doing laundry, ironing, making cupcakes, attending CD Leauge , going to a show my husband is playing, reading, sleeping, riding my bike, hanging out with friends, you know, the usual.
Have a great weeekend everyone!

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