Thursday, January 8, 2009

John Rambo!

First of all, I hope everyone had a great holiday break! Mine was fantastic, but of course too, too, short. Back to work, back to school, back to regular life : (

Second, sorry I've been MIA, we recently purchased a house and I've been swamped with house stuff, school, and work!

Not to mention, WE GOT A KITTY!!!!!!!! He's absolutely adorable and I love him to pieces! His name is John Rambo. Now why would we name him that you ask? Well, the second day we got him, me and hubster were watching Rambo (the new one), and he sat on the couch and watched the ENTIRE movie with us! Cutest thing ever! Any cat that can stand the awesomeness of Rambo, deserves to be named after the legend, not to mention he has some amazing tactical and hunting skills!

Here's my little PussyGato!

After a month, he finally conquered the Christmas tree, after destroying it that is. It was so cute, I couldn't even be mad!

I mean, look at this face, who could ever say NO to this face?!?!

In his bed.

He fell asleep like this!

He likes his belly rubbed!

John Rambo and Black Flag

Who you looking at?

Sun Bathing

Next up, I promise I'll get pictures of my house (almost done putting stuff away), and my brand new craft room!!! Also, some crafts and home decorating projects I've been working on, and lastly, some amazing purchases I've made!!!

Craft Room sneak peek!


catiahades said...

he's awesome, mav!!

Anonymous said...

JR furry-bub is so darling!!! I love it when they fall asleep on their backs like that, with their paws in the air, lol. Give him lots of scratch and tickle from me :)

BagsByMelanie said...

AWWWW so cute Mav!

T A J Osceola Pottery said...

Awww, so cute. I used to have one like him when I was younger. His name was TC, because I used to watch TopCat, the cartoon. Good luck with him, live long and prosper John Rambo!

blobofoblivion said...

i love that cat