Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Living Room Wishlist

I bought my first "REAL" piece of "GROWN UP" furniture this weekend! My definition of 'real' and 'grown up' means not purchased for less than $50; not a hand me down; not 30+ years old, and does not come in a box!!!

Now mind you, there is nothing wrong with any of the above - in fact my ENTIRE house is furnished with things that meet those criteria, however I've been saving up for a while to buy new furniture for when we move into our new house and this just happened to be on SUPER SALE!!!

Here's a pic of the couch, the color is a little off, its a lime greenish color:

My current living room is black and red, so I am going to have to get new accesories - oh how sad (wink, wink). Here's a provisional wish list:

Bouquet of Red - SkyeArt

Capricious - Papermoth

Creamsicle Chubby Nester Trio - TimaryArt

Sunny Chocolate Duo - atelierBB

Oak Leaf Trio - LynnCardwellPottery

This is it for now! I still have to find a table, a rug, and some accents! I can't wait, this is going to be so fun!!!

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lisianblue said...

Congrats on your couch purchase!

Nice wish list, Maura! It's kind of fun having your own place and getting to decorate it the way you want isn't it?